Let the Lord Comfort You

Every person has the potential to be comforted by the Spirit, to have his waste places comforted, to have his wildernesses made like Eden. Desert places can be made into gardens of the Lord, having God's gladness and joy flowing through them.

People may not know the God of redemption, but they can see the evidence of His character through creation. If, however, they do not come to receive Him as the God of Creation after He has revealed Himself, then their imaginations become vain and their foolish hearts are darkened. By their own choices, these people remain in the dark and refuse to accept His salvation and the comfort that comes with it.

When we choose to let the Lord comfort us, we find something we may have never known: true godly joy and gladness with thanksgiving. Something special can be found in everyone who responds to God. The Holy Spirit brings in an attitude of thankfulness and praise to the Lord.

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