Let's Make a Deal

The flesh takes us on trips and then leaves us hitchhiking. Our flesh presumes to be our best friend and then denies us. The flesh never keeps its bargains. Haman in the book of Esther speaks so clearly about the changeable and unpredictable nature of the flesh. People make covenants with their flesh with the belief that they can successfully cooperate with it. This is an assumption that establishes people in a lie. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Lust produces sin and sin has its payday. The price is death. To be carnally minded, by accepting such an agreement, is death (Romans 8.5).

The flesh in its insecurity and inadequacy will continually struggle for survival and preeminence. It will find its life in any form of security that will permit its existence. It lives at the expense of others. It has love, but this love also operates at the expense of others. If the consequence of its "love" establishes itself in more security in the eyes of people and the world, then this "love" is a good investment for its own gain. This business partner will leave you hitchhiking.

How different it is from the love of Jesus. Jesus makes an agreement because He loves you. It is for your gain. It is Life for you at His expense. He will never leave you, even if you leave Him. That's at His expense. He will never change, even if you do, and that's at His expense. Love always endures and heals and forgives so that in Him you have the preeminence, also at His expense. He is our faithful business partner.

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