Listen and Concentrate

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation when, at some point, you were startled to realize that you had no idea what was being said? If someone were to ask you, you would be dumbstruck! Though you remember hearing sounds or familiar words, you were unable to hear the message because of a distraction or preoccupation.

Occasionally, this preoccupation is due to some overwhelming situation you are dealing with. More often, it is simply the result of undisciplined thinking. In either case, when the mind is not quiet, there is no ability to concentrate.

During the trials that every one of us will face, there is no greater need than to hear the words of the Lord. When you find yourself in a valley, listen. Hear Him speak: “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10a).

One of the things most needed in the Church today is for us to hear the Word and to enter into the most unique personal relationship with God that we can have.

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