Live in Divine Temperament

Consider the change that took place in the life of Moses. He was characterized by an outrageously explosive temper, but he was transformed by God and was later called the meekest man who ever lived.

Moses murdered an Egyptian who had beaten a fellow Hebrew. Then he fled to the wilderness to escape punishment. During his forty years in the wilderness, God appeared to him and revealed His plan – Moses would be used to deliver the children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh. Although at first he was insecure and reactionary toward the command of God, he made decisions that enabled God to raise him up to a position of great leadership. Moses, the man who literally brought shame to God by the expression of his natural temperament, eventually became a parallel, or figure, of the life of Christ because he was obedient to allow God to work in his life. He learned the secret of choosing faith instead of fear, and humility and submission to the plan of God instead of a high position of rank in Pharaoh’s kingdom. God desires us to reveal His disposition in our lives; He does not want us to react in our adamic dispositions. Through the indwelling Holy Spirit and the Word of God, we can learn to be sustained by the grace, mercy, and power of God, and to continually make positive decisions for the Kingdom.

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