Living above Stress

Victorious, stress-free living is a way of life many believers have difficulty grasping. Doctrine must be rehearsed through prayer and godly meditation so that the truth can govern our souls. Other wise, we have a wealth of knowledge that we cannot apply when faced with difficult circumstances.

We can be free from stress, or we can be filled with stress and never free. A divine power system resides in our souls. We have the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God in us. It is our choice whether we use these resources or not. We can leave good food in the freezer and go hungry. In the same way, we can ignore what God has put inside us.

It is what we learn after we know something that counts. For example, we may read a book over again and be surprised by how much we didn't remember from the first reading. But when we have really learned something, we can use it automatically and spontaneously under pressure.

A learned response goes far beyond just knowing something. Meditating on doctrine brings power to retrieve things that we "know" and to implement them in daily life. Christ's character is then allowed to circulate in the streams of our soul.

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