Living in Lovingkindness

When we enter glory, we are going to see Jesus Christ in His glorified body with wounds in His side, hands, and feet. The wounds will be fresh, but there will be no blood. And we will see all the people in heaven perfected with their glorified bodies. Then He will begin to manifest the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us and this will go on throughout all eternity.

Though we will see His wounds, He will wipe away all of our bad memories (Revelation 21:4), meaning we won’t ever have to think about where we came from.

Even today, God wipes out bad memories for Christians who choose to walk in the Spirit. We always have the option of remembering, but we don’t have to choose that option. God, the Father of all mercies, the God of all grace, the God of all comfort, is just waiting to execute lovingkindness toward all who have wounds and bruises. He wants to heal the brokenhearted. Beyond that, He wants to set at liberty those who have put themselves under bondage. He longs to preach deliverance to those who are in some kind of prison.

Live in lovingkindness and let the Truth set you free!

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