Living in the Light

Wherever light can get in, it will come in. Wherever darkness can enter, it will. Light always overcomes darkness, but darkness can also obscure light. If I turn the lights off in my house, the darkness fills the places once occupied by the light. But when I turn the switch, the lights come back on, taking over the darkness.

As we look into the mirror of God’s Word, we receive reflections of precise light, and we are changed into God’s image from glory to glory. Here, glory means the substance of God’s divine nature being reflected through our humanity. It means that we reflect the precise attribute of God’s nature that is needed for the moment.

As God’s divinity begins to control our humanity, our humanity becomes an instrument for God’s divinity. Together with God, we cooperate in the essence of our souls, realizing that we still have an individual soul, but now our individuality is covered by God’s divine life.

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