Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking Back

Looking Back over the year we are very thankful and grateful to God for the many lessons He has and continues to teach us, “Help Lord!” We are His first Mission field!

We believe God is doing a “Great Work” in our hearts and in the lives of the Church (people) here, binding us together in His Love.

We are thankful to God for the UK Team that came to labor with us in November and, praise God, there is fruit that remains. We were also privileged to go to the Istanbul Conference where “Prayer” was the theme and we were challenged to “be available” to God.

Moving Forward

Moving forward we know He is building His Church in His way and His timing is perfect. He has a plan for Greater Grace Church, Limassol, Cyprus. He is Faithful and He will do it. We are learning to be available living in a vibrant relationship with Him through His Word, the Holy Spirit, and the Body of Christ.

We look forward to Eurocon 2016 in Budapest with great anticipation and thank God for the Body of Christ worldwide and the godly spiritual leaders/teachers He has blessed us with.

We are learning to be available living in a vibrant relationship with Him. Click To Tweet

We pray for “Divine Appointments” each day and today God brought us into a Cypriot home that we pray for as we pass it daily. The people were open and receptive to the Good News of the Gospel where we find hope, peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation to our heavenly Father through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

On Sunday night, as we watched the “11am Baltimore Service Live,” we were blessed to see the husband of one of our members walk through the door with her. We pray for families to become worshipers together of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. We also were very amazed to hear for two weeks in a row the same Scriptures being preached from Baltimore that were shared from this pulpit in the morning. God knows how to encourage His people and confirm His Word.

Divine AppointmentsBread_of_Afghanistan_in_2010

We have enjoyed “Divine Appointments” as we have visited the Turkish-speaking North despite the fact that we cannot speak Turkish. God loves the people in the North, South, East, and West of this island. We had the privilege as a group to share Christ with a family who were in the process of baking big round breads in an outside oven. We shared with them the words of Jesus when He said: Truly, truly, I tell you, he who believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life … and they joyfully received an Injil in Turkish. These are tiny snippets of the many opportunities to share “The Good News” on this Island and we invite you to pray for the Church here and also to visit with a mind to reach out and build up the Body here. We appreciate you. 

Pastor Larry and Bev Speedy and the Church in Cyprus

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