Losing a Life to be Kept by a Word

There may be a certain amount of security and safety to those who only live in the Word. In the atmosphere of the Word's presence they outwardly agree and inwardly attain appeasement for their conscience; but this is a temporary state, for those who try to keep their life will eventually lose it. They may place the Word as a social priority and yet never allow it a permanent place in their lives. They feel safe living with a standardized and accepted attitude toward the Word, yet they feel threatened when the Word is ministered that it might live in them.

To say "the Word is living in me" is to say that I am void of my own standards and concepts of living. I have wisdom from above setting the way of my life on earth.

Getting people in the Word is a start, but it is another thing to get the Word in people: that is life. The Word is not just a source of comfort and solace; it is a place where my life complements the purpose of the Kingdom. Life is ministered to me by the Word, but fruit is produced in and through me when the Word dwells therein. One will abide alone without the protection of God's mind and will lose his opportunity spiritually when he keeps his own concepts of life. To serve God we must follow Him in the meticulous details of a sovereign plan. The Word is more than a promise of eternal security. It brings life with power acting in the confidence of the Throne. Complete security comes through abandonment to Christ.

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