Love Beyond a Law

The Sabbath is not lord over Jesus. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. The commandments are not lord over Him. Jesus excels in absolutes beyond where absolutes have excelled.

Absolutes have always excelled in the holiness of God’s character, but man was born for trouble ( Job 5:7) brought by the inconsistency of his own nature. Absolutes may excel, but man was overcome with failure as he could not succeed in any attempt to be godly. He needed the impartation of a character beyond Himself. Jesus Christ excelled in an absolute beyond all absolutes, and that was love. This love was an absolute that would go beyond what the law said about man and what it caused him to be, an absolute that was expressed in the Person of Christ.

This love fulfilled the law that man could not complete (Romans 10:4; 13:8) and brought man into Himself where all completion lies. How can anyone use their absolutes as a reason to stop the absolute of love? Absolutes, without love to bring them into the Person who fulfilled them, leave a person without hope in the desperation of the final decision upon his case. Judgment was brought upon the Son, that mercy might rejoice over us ( James 2:13).

The Pharisees in Luke 6 went by what they thought to be absolute law and never entered into absolute love which fulfilled the law, so that it might bring redemption to humanity. Their standard tried to prevent love, so that love would not draw man into Life.

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