Love Can Take It

If you are filled with the Spirit, there is not a single thing you cannot take with joy. If you are not filled with the Spirit, there is not a single thing you can take unless it pampers your Adam and complement that nature. God’s love can take it. Because of love, David could take it and honor Saul. David could call Saul a prince because of love. When God said, “Give Me Isaac,” Abraham was so filled with love that he could take the order without reaction. He could suffer the discipline of giving his son for love’s sake. If we are filled with the Spirit (Romans 5:5) and His love is shed abroad, we can take anything because love can take it without giving up, quitting, or reacting. That love can take it is exemplified in the words of Jesus on the Cross -“Father, forgive them”-and Stephen as he faced death- “Lay not this sin to their charge.”

Love can take anything that grace sends its way. Live by loving others. If redemption was for others and to be fulfilled means love, then to be fulfilled in redemption means to live by loving others. A man can cheerfully live for others. The more adverse his situations the more he is fulfilled by the inexhaustible resources of his God within.

No one who has gone to the Cross first has ever needed anything for himself after that. We can stand the supreme test because we have experienced the initial test of going to the Cross. We can face the responsibility of the plan of grace because of what love has demanded in the redemption of our mercy.

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