Love — Found Them

J.B. operated as a spy of the K.G.B. in America during the cold war. A brilliant intellect, J.B. was especially chosen, trained and then sent. In America his skill developed in his ability to merge unsuspected into society; he worked, attended university, married and parented a child. At a time when J.B. would be recalled to his homeland, he discovered a problem: he had fallen head over heals for his newborn daughter. The love for her grew so great during her early years that he refused to go back; he made up a brilliant excuse, and stayed. This man, whose testimony is heard in churches, was later introduced to Jesus Christ, whom he received gladly. Love did it.

Can we underestimate the dynamite called love?

Bursting forth on the stoic intellects of men and women, love, in all of its purity, excitement, joy and exchange, overpowers the heart and soul, as a visit to a tropical resort in the dead of Winter. The love of Christ is all-constraining, a bouquet of flowers in an ugly factory, a savory plate after a hard days labor, an acquittal following days of dread.

A child had turned inward, overwhelmed by a tragic loss. Parents, therapists, clergy and friends tried desperately to revive the child, but in vain. One day the child’s pet dog began to lick her face. Pushed away several times, the dog would not take “no” for an answer. The girl came back to her former self.

Love won.

1 John 4:18 teaches that “Fear is turned out of doors. Fear is cast out of the sphere of the fellowship of love. Vincent

Yes, perfect love, “drives fear out” so that it does not exist in real love. A.T. Robertson

“Saint Catherine of Siena was said to be profoundly interested in every human being that ever came before her. She devoted herself to relieving the mental and emotional suffering of the hundreds who sought her out; her words and her touch bestowed a soothing grace.” She wrote a line  in a poem:

“…Divine light entered my heart from His love that did never fully wane, though indeed dear, I can understand how a person’s faith can at times flicker. …for what is the mind to do with something that becomes the mind’s ruin? A God that consumes us in His grace.” from Daniel Landinsky “translaror of the gift.” “Love Poems from God.”

Certainly she speaks of the ruin of carnal mind, of natural thinking, of intellectual prowess in the flesh.

Love is shed abroad in our heart, it is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Romans 5:5.   Heart thinks, but in its essence, it also paints an existence. See Proverbs 23:7

Friends, think about the extent of love. It blind-sides a spy, brings a child to sanity, creates an entire life for an insignificant girl.

Nevertheless, that love in each of these, must continue its significance in the strange, broken, imperfect world of fallen men and women. Impostors, children, and poverty stricken are among the needful receivers of love. So also liars and victims of every sort.

Matthew 13:44 says, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hides, and for joy thereof goes and sells all that he hath, and buys that field.”

Friends, ” Buy the truth, and sell it not;”  Proverbs 23:23  We must own truth, and surrender it never. If we do not own it, love will fade. This world is owned and operated by a love-hater, a discourager, a pain bringer, counterfeiter, and thief. But, take heart:

God will answer when to thee, not a possibility of deliverance seems near; it is then He will appear.

God will answer when you pray; yea though mountains block thy way, at His word, a way will be e’en through mountains made for thee,

God who still divides the sea, willingly will work for thee; God, before whom mountains fall, promises to hear thy call. M.E.B.

Be encouraged Beloved, Like our three stories, another love awakening draws near. love ya


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