Love from the Foundation

Before Jeremiah came forth from the womb, he had been ordained by God to be a prophet. God was living in the plan of foreknowledge as He spoke to Jeremiah. God knew the possibilities and realities to come because of the Lamb’s provision. Jeremiah at this time was holy and without blame in the perfect “is” of the Lamb’s provision.

Man can experience life which included him not only in time but in eternity before he ever experienced eternal life personally. Every believer is part of the eternal substance of God’s plan. We do not have to go about saying that we have to wait for this or that to happen. We are holy and without blame now. We do not have to wait for an experience. We just live in the experience of love that Christ had for us from the foundation. Why should we occupy ourselves with awaiting experiences in time when the plan of God for eternity has had Christ in us expressing the hope and fulfillment of His glory? Through foreknowledge, God saw the choice of our free volition which gave Him the right to develop a plan to conform us to the desire He has for us in the mind of love.

Christ found it no problem to lay down His life for the world in the act of Calvary. He came to the earth as a slain Lamb. He did not have to acquire an attitude of humility to wash the disciples’ feet. He had been slain before the disciples were born because of the love He bore in His heart.

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