Love is Long-Spirited

Love is long spirited. “When tempering your anger, you do not immediately avenge the wrong, but you leave an opportunity for repenting to the one who has transgressed.” Origen

Love pervades and penetrates the whole nature, it mellows anything harsh or austere.” Trench

Love does not desire to make war upon the good it beholds in another — and to trouble that good and make it less. Shakespeare

Love is not a braggart, does not sound it’s own praises or show off. Vincent

Love does not self-display, employing rhetorical embellishments in extolling (glorifying) one’s self excessively. Thayer

Love does not make sacred things “natural, “ –to cause a thing to pass into nature. ” Thayer

Love does not run the risk of bringing the virgin daughter into shame, as in 1Corinthians 7:36.(a daughter who has passed the marriage age and father has not yet given her to marry.) He doesn’t shame her or be ashamed for himself. Many applications. Vines

Love does not worship itself. Vines

Love is not easily exasperated. Strong

Love, nor only plots no evil, but does not even suspect any against the beloved person.” Chrysostom

“It forgives them who have erred, having no suspicion that they have done so with bad motive. ” Theodoret

Love is not gladdened by injustice, or false systems of judgment.

Love feels great delight or joy with the truth.

Love supports what is placed on it. It protects, covers, keeps off something that threatens, it bears up against, holds out against, endures. Vines   All Quotes related to 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love does not suspect something wrong without proof or on slight evidence or doubt with a state of mental uneasiness and uncertainty. It believes Merriam -Webster

Love anticipates with confident expectation. Strong

Love must endure, patiently or impatiently, and virtuously chooses the former. Trench-Chrysostom It remains, tarries behind, does not flee, preserves under misfortunes and trials to hold fast to one’s faith in Christ. bears bravely and calmly ill treatments. Thayer

Love, not at one time, no never, will drop away; be driven out of one’s course; lose, become inefficient, take none effect. Strong

A story:

“My parents divorced when I was 13. Within months, my life changed. Our family was torn in two, like a piece of paper, never to be reconnected seamlessly. We would not live under the same roof again.

The wounds of that divorce drove me to make a promise at that age. I vowed I would never get divorced. Vows are powerful things. There is an implied judgment in soul-deep promises. Divorce to me had become the Great Failure. The one defeat I would not suffer.

Imagine my dismay when after several years of marriage my husband wanted a divorce. We were in our 20s, and I had thought we would have a lifetime together. Turns out, I was wrong. Nothing I did or said changed my husband’s heart. He simply did not want to be married. I could not keep that ancient vow. The weight of the defeat I felt almost broke me.

The Bible tells us, “Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8a, NIV). But experience seems to teach us the opposite — that our love does fail. In spectacular, heart-wrenching ways.”

“After my divorce, I discovered an amazing quality about the love of Jesus: It heals.”

Years later, in His grace, God brought a loving man into my life. https://proverbs3

Friends, when it seems to be over, love has much more. Maybe not success, but love. Healing love and restoration. Success might even follow — great things are sure to come . Love ya

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