Love is Perfect

The natural, animalistic love man is capable of living in demands that it be satisfied. It is always thinking of a need. It has a wicked imagination and feeds from many sources without finding peace. This is lust-wanting and wanting continually. It is a love that is not love, such as we know Love.

True Love is satisfied with itself and not with what it does. It ministers and reaches out with a completely satisfied and understanding heart to give itself again and again. How wonderful! Without love doing a single thing to produce what people think it should be, it is successful in what it is. God is love. This love never does anything to produce a show. It is not seeking to become something more than what it is. It cannot be surpassed. Without it ever being understood, it is still love. Love is love. We cannot add to it or improve it, regardless of what it does; and we cannot take away from it to make it anything less. God is love, and we are as He is in this present world (1 John 4:17). We are love.

Have you ever met people who have God's love? They perhaps don't say much, but what comes out of their heart counsels you. Love is so present that you receive a ministry that goes beyond the thousands of words of counseling and humanistic psychology. It is no doubt that the penetration of love goes beyond knowledge and beyond our understanding, meeting the need in itself simply as a by-product of what it is.

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