Love: It Is or Isn't

Charity never fails, and anything outside of it never really succeeds. The charity of God's message is always quite clear. In Him is life, and the life is the Light of the world. The Light shined in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Either we reign, or else we are reigned over. Either we are the tail, or we are the head. There is nothing in between the head and the tail. Either we are in or out. With God there are no shadows, only light. Love from God is likewise clear. Either love is pure in its motivation, or else it isn't love. Either love gives because of itself, or it isn't love at all, but "half-love."

Would you judge a person's spirituality on the basis of the fad that he gives his life as a sacrifice for Christ? There are thousands of people who identify with His death, but do not live in His life to establish His identity. What does it mean to identify with His death but not establish the identity of love? It means I can give anything I have or "bestow all my goods to feed the poor" and never succeed in my call to live in love. It must be a love through God. It isn't difficult to get some people to sacrifice in death, but it is difficult to get the same people to love in life. We can reveal Christ or have dedication without Him. Dedication isn't always spirituality, but spirituality will always have God's commitment, dedication not simply in the things it does, but with the heart that beats through Him in Life.

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