Love Without Conditions

If we have unconditional love, we can bear others' burdens. Unconditional love does not charge another person. It loves beyond the knowledge of the fact of what the person has done. Other people get love not from us, but through the Holy Spirit in us. The fruit of our lives is God. No longer are we regulated by what our senses tell us in situations. We do not spend time comparing the spirituality of those we see, but we live in an absolute love toward all involved despite the changes brought about by the pressures of situations.

Do not cut off the opportunity for God's mind to be expressed because your life is regulated by standards toward other people. Only an unconditional love can be the basis for the will of God to be executed. God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Therefore, we must live in faith to forsake our own interpretations of what we think should be. We have no right to question sovereignty. Sovereignty does what it wants with its own power. Standards are used as a means to know instead of allowing people to grow in the grace of life.

What would be more beneficial? To be ministered to with unconditional love, receiving grace for weakness, or to be confronted with the knowledge of inadequacy without any way of escape to life through grace? Do not fret over people's lives that do not measure up to your standard. Let God work in and out what is pleasing in His sight.

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