Love’s Destiny

God made you in His image, and He sent His Son to die for you on the Cross. When you were saved, He came to live inside you and He will never forsake you. He loves you forever, with an everlasting love. Someday, He’s going to make you perfect, either when you go home to be with Him in death or when He calls His Church to the clouds in the Rapture. At that point, He will give you a perfect body just like His Son’s body.

Every Christian has this destiny. We have eternal life, and we are destined to spend eternity with God. As members of God’s royal family, we are destined to be saints forever. He is calling us to enter into an eternal purpose and to be conformed to the image of His Son.

Oh, what a destiny! This is why now, as you prepare to meet Him, He wants you to have a joyful, abundant, pure life. He wants you to make positive decisions toward His Word and His Spirit, and bring every thought into obedience.

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