• Living in Egypt while Owning an Inheritance in Canaan

    What does it mean to live in a life of bondage? We are bound when we come under a system, and that system, exploring all the possibilities of its execution, forcibly produces all the effects of its own cause. This was the story of the children of Israel in the Book of Exodus. These people had never repented. They received grace but they never turned from self. They received unconditional love from Joseph but never repented of their attitude to destroy him. The Church has many members who thank God for grace but have never turned from self. It is a problem for the Spirit, Who has brought grace upon saved people but must contend with their self-life in bondage to another system, another social and economic structure.

    God wants to bring people out of bondage into Canaan.

    Egypt is the land of independence. Canaan is the land of dependence.

    Freedom from bondage brings dependence on God, not independence in Adam. Adam can never be free because until he receives the life of Another; he is always enslaved to himself and his own inadequacies. Independence is the amplification of man's right to be who he is, using his education, his culture, his experience, his refinements, and all his attainments to progress in soul power apart from a Living God. As long as man sows independently against the Cross, the Body, and his leaders, he is sowing the seeds of destruction and hardship. The place where he lives -Canaan or Egypt-will have an effect upon who he is.