• Pipes Called Grace and Faith

    We must follow Jesus in the human spirit. The mountain that becomes a plain, in Zechariah 4:7, does so because of grace being brought to that mountain. The mountain now has a headstone. There are also wonderful times to shout of liberality and joy, "Crying, Grace, grace." How is it possible for your mountain to become a plain? Caleb was one who had tapped the source of life required for him to be successful in every valley situation. "Now therefore give me this mountain ... the cities were great and fenced" ( Joshua 14:12).

    Jesus has given us a vision and this vision requires God's provision. The two olive trees have one pipe each to empty oil into the lampstand. The light burns for no other reason than that it has the oil to do so. The oil speaks of the Holy Spirit. The lamp speaks of the human spirit. The two trees speak of grace and faith. On the top of the candlestick there is a bowl and this speaks of the individual's capacity for the oil. Then after the bowl there are seven pipes going to seven places for the light to burn. This speaks of the light that each of the seven churches have had and do have throughout the Church age. It is spiritual life that removes mountains and allows us to follow the Lord. This is life that answers the questions of our soul and gives us God-consciousness.

    A born-again believer has understanding and wisdom and is steadfast in the Lord through the God-consciousness of his spirit by the Holy Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power but by this precious Spirit.