Making God Visible

How does an invisible God become visible? He has thousands of Christians in a world where many people say that God does not exist and where carnal Christians behave as though God is not relevant in their lives. The Bible says that the "natural man"- whether an unsaved soul or a carnal believer-cannot receive the things of God. Therefore, God must find a way to become visible. How does He do it?

God manifests His presence through believers. The fragrance of His resurrection love and grace is manifested in every place we go. He is manifested through our stillness and quietness, through our hearing the Word, and through the meditation of our hearts in a pure response of faith. We let an invisible God move through that which is visible to the world: His Church.

In His perfect humanity, Jesus Christ chose to submit to the Father in every thought, every word, and every deed, making God the Father visible to the world.

Often, we become so occupied with our problems and with the details of life that we do not take time to commune in proper fellowship with the God who lives inside us. God inhabits our humanity through the Holy Spirit, "borrowing," as it were, our soul and our body so that He can become visible.

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