Man: Where Evil is Present

Man is born into a world filled with stimuli and projection. What effect does man’s environment have upon him as he grows and progresses in age? Is there a release from all the stimuli that is contrary to man’s prosperity, or is he subject to its effects?

Since birth, man has received lines. These lines are simply waves that have fallen into the trunk of our spinal column and go up through the brain. They are waves that give impulse to the sensitive neurological nerve centers. These impulses have established the routes that we are going to take. The measure and variety of the impulses that have been transmitted have formed our mental attitude in our mental capacity, and also our emotional capacity and response. These impulses also affect our wills and prompt us to do what we do. We live by these impulses, along with our experiential, environmental, and genetic backgrounds. For this reason, no matter what we try to do, evil is present with us. It is not necessarily evil as we would evaluate evil, but as God sees it, it is evil as it is not Christ’s life through the Word. Environmental, reflective, social, religious, and intellectual impulses exposed us subjectively and objectively to a very particular kind of life, a life that also has been influenced by our heredity and the discipline practices of the past. Apart from Christ, we are the products of external stimuli and not an expression of a God-given design.

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