Mark the Dividers

Be in Jesus Christ. Stop being in a ministry, and be in Jesus Christ as He ministers through the Body. Then it is no longer I, ministering in my independence in my personality through my doctrine about Christ. So many people call themselves into independent ministries and then find themselves not equipped with the gifts for the responsibility.

They are self-appointed through their own zeal for God and not submitted to God to be trained in God’s eternal place of preparation, the Body. God wants people to be in Jesus Christ. Christ being their Head, they are automatically one with the Body. People never outgrow the Body; they grow into Him through the Body. If a person separates himself from the Body, he also has severed himself from the Head, Christ, experientially.

We are never to compliment people who divide. To compliment does not necessarily mean verbal agreement, but one who even lends his ear is open to a place to deception. God says to mark those that cause division and to avoid them. The greatest and most persuasive cry from the devil is “Do not follow a man!” The devil wants anything else but for a person to be hid under a governmental covering so that the person may follow in obedience that which is preached. We follow God as we follow God’s men (Ephesians 5:1, Philippians 3:17). Ironically, we only follow men if we receive the accusation of the enemy and give heed to Adam’s opinion over God’s voice through the Word.

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