Meet for the Master's Use

What God wants in the Corporate Body are vessels of honor and not vessels of dishonor. God has asked us to purge ourselves from the vessels of dishonor so that we might be meet for the Master's use. The vessels of dishonor are the vessels of wood and earth. To be a wooden vessel is like a person who is manipulated by humanistic phileo love. This love is good, but is not absolute in its character. It is relative. Consequently, in the Church, it falls far short of being a pillar and ground of the truth. Rather than expressing an inexhaustible nature, it depends solely on its own qualifications to produce what is necessary. It is considered an angel of light love substituted for the life of Christ.

Just as Eve was deceived by a beautiful light, so likewise Christian after Christian is deceived by this kind of love. Rather than knowing Christ's love through the power of the Holy Spirit, this kind of person fails to purge himself from this vessel of dishonor. This light, which is not the true light, will not qualify under every test. Jesus has promised a love that will never fail.

The earthen vessel of dishonor represents eros love, which is an animalistic, sensual kind of love that man is capable of experiencing when he lives in his natural or carnal state. Needless to say God's house must be purged from this kind of vessel. We are to be meet for the Master's use in the Corporate Body by living as the love of God.

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