Meet Threats with Promises

Think of the things that threaten society. Loneliness and anxiety are said to be the two greatest threats to our well-being, yet these things are seldom discussed. Secret, mystical loneliness and anxiety threaten those who are adventuring in the world of the unknown, taking on the struggles and strife of survival.

Cosmic loneliness and cosmic anxiety rob believers of the privilege of developing their self-image with God, of entering into the creativity of God’s grace. These things rob them of the privilege of living by faith through God’s promises. They also rob them of humility that comes through God’s Cross, and of love that flows through God’s Spirit.

As we learn God’s promises, they become a part of us, and sooner or later they become our resource. Instead of going into the resource factory of this world’s kingdom, we will draw from the divine enterprise of spiritual industry. We will develop a life of spirituality and live in a very practical, industrious way.

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