Mercies of Compassion

The mercies of compassion are a beautiful expression of Christ’s disposition. Grace bestows forgiveness of sin, and mercy takes care of the consequences of sin. The only way to express Christ’s disposition of the mercies of compassion is through the power of the Holy Spirit, where the divine personality merges with human nature because of objective thinking in the mind. This produces the proper response in the emotions.

The objective believer will find himself functioning in the Christian virtues of peace, grace, oneness, kindness, joy, love, compassion, self control, poise, etc. (1).

As the Word is preached and received by each member on particular, the grace of God meets the needs of our hearts and souls. This overflow of grace is so powerful that it causes us to be more than ready to minister the expression of Christ to others. The seemingly impossible provision is always there for every situation. Thus, we allow the Lord to tear down the walls of natural disposition and self-defense so that His life is able to flow through us like rivers of living water (2). The Life of Christ within us is always ready at the divinely appointed time to minister mercy, grace, and unconditional love with a “word in season” to the hearer who is in need.

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