Mine Are Not Yours

What do man's thoughts do for man? They place a person on a comparative chart of humanism. They place him in the legalistic structure of striving. They put man at the bottom of the pit, as the tail instead of the head. They take man, and if he has not learned obedience to the thought of God, they incapacitate him to learn because of guilt. Man's thoughts bring fear and stress and guilt to the conscience. They punish him in a trial because they never recognize the ordination of God in the situation. They make man point to himself or others for the responsibility of the circumstances.

Do not spend time with your thoughts, but stimulate and utilize your faculties in God. Our faculties are to be singular in their portion and experiential in their own expression. They are to be a method of manifesting Truth in their own individuality. Man's thoughts have come in and infiltrated humanity. They have distorted God's purpose and meaning for life. Our society is paralyzed with that which would bring stimuli and form something in us that is not God's thoughts. At our best we try, when we get saved, to determine what comes from God and what comes from man. However, so many do not live in discernment through the Word of God.

Instead they enter into mental evaluation, rationalization, and sight to determine what must be God's mind, yet they are doing it without the thought of God.

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