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Greater Grace International Convention 2016

You are invited!

The life of the Church is a mystery. It is something beyond human understanding that people who are so very different can come together and rejoice in a spirit of love and oneness. There are times when all division fades and we are carried to heights of intimacy and purpose. We focus on Bible preaching, pray with powerful intensity, and sing high praises and choruses in harmony.

We celebrate these moments because we recognize the God who is behind them all. We anticipate many moments such as these to come June 20-25 in Baltimore. It is then that we will gather for our annual Greater Grace International Convention.

Please set that time aside and be with us. At last check, airfares have reached reasonable levels not seen in years. Come early, for June is a month full of activity in Baltimore as we hold Masters’ intensified classes at Maryland Bible College and Seminary and begin our summer outreach season in the neighborhoods and towns near our campus.

Pastor Schaller


Coordinator: Pastor Peter Taggart
Toll Free: 1-800-338-7060
Local: (+1) 410-483-3700
Fax: (+1) 410-483-3708
Location: Baltimore
Date: June 20-25

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