Beyond All Price

Land of the Long White Cloud

We left Baltimore, MD, on Friday, August 12th, and returned Tuesday, August 30th. This trip was one for the books.


Through the love, prayers and support of the Body we were honored to take a team of 9 people and bring the fire of forgiveness through the Finished Work Glorious Gospel message to the shores of Aotearoa (the land of the long white cloud), New Zealand. We sensed and saw the manifestation of prayers from our church back in the States.

The whole trip was a 100% miracle of grace. We traveled in a 12 passenger van and were on the move, traveling light, and keeping our heads down. We ministered on the streets of close to 30 small towns and cities, praying and targeting specific areas in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Lake Taupo, Masterton, Upper Hutt, Wanganui, Porirua and Wellington, to name a few.

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Liberty of Witness20160817_000240


I personally felt from the time we landed in Auckland that I was let out of a cage and was given total liberty and grace to take authority over the whole north island. We preached and played music everywhere we went; it seemed that the art of music was our greatest entrance into people’s hearts. We would target the main city center in each town. We started playing music, people were drawn in, and then we’d soul win. It was so awesome to witness. Souls got saved, and hundreds of seeds planted.

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Good News Bracelets

Our main tool for evan20160818_000441gelism were the bracelets from the Christian Farmers Outreach that were so graciously donated from the heart of Wilson Lippy. People loved those bracelets; they felt as if they were receiving a special gift of
honor every time we put one on someone’s wrist. We must have given out hundreds of them. Seeds were planted in the hearts and minds of the Maori people (the island’s aborigines) and the Kiwis (that’s what they call the British New Zealanders).

Eternal Purpose

We had prayer and devotions every morning and most evenings with some beautiful visitations from God. Every member on the team had a true heart of servitude and sacrifice. What a team, what a vision, and what an eternal purpose! If this is the type of students that MBCS is producing, then please keep it up. And if you are thinking about going to Bible college, then just do it.



Soul Beyond All Price

We’ll leave you with Team New Zealand’s motto; we read it almost every morning before going out on the streets:
“There is no trouble too great,
no humiliation too deep,
no suffering too severe,
no love too strong,
no labor too hard,
no expense too large,
but that it is worth it all,
if it is spent in a effort to win a soul.”
(An Immortal Soul Is Beyond All Price – author unknown )

Yours very heartily, 

Team New Zealand (Pat & Kendel, B
randon, Jasmine, Antwan, Khrystyne, Judah, Micah & Liz)

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