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Grace Draws Near

Concrete Jungle

Claustrophobic  streets, tall buildings, chaotic noises from all directions, the concrete jungle is a cold place. Cars juxtaposition for coveted parking spots, statues stand proclaiming yesteryear. Cultural art claims the center square, the concrete jungle is full of lights, merchants and life. The homeless roam, violence brews and  lost souls search for pleasure. The cry of the heart is seen on their faces as they pass by, distracted by fleeing thoughts and plans.

Grace Has the Answer

Grace draws near and looks at the city, He weeps in Luke 19:41. He has the answer to broken hearts and broken dreams. Grace loves richly, He stops the merry-go-round. He loves the individual were they are, He draws them out in loving kindness.  Let’s go and pour out grace on our city, build the bridge to others, and Grace will tear down the walls. Do not fear, Grace is already abiding there.

-Pastor Jason Moore

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