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Gravity of Grace

The Pull Down

The law of gravity tells us that what goes up must come down. NASA defines gravity as a force in which objects are drawn towards it center. Depending on it mass index the closer objects are to each other, the stronger their gravitational pull is.  

Pull to Life

Grace has its own gravity and is governed by another paradigm. Grace pulls us to LIFE.  The authority and force of attraction of our ministry is from the person of grace – Jesus.

Upward Lift

Divine content in our soul creates spiritual aerodynamics. Content provides the lift upward. As we fellowship with this grace the effect is like a balloon – what is inside moves us upward. We no longer are weighed down by fear, shame or guilt.

Grace Effects

• Grace has a spiritual levity that lifts us up.

• Grace projects our positional value

• Grace magnifies the promises of God

• Grace elevates the work of Christ in us

“Draw me, we will run after you….”  Song of Solomon 1:4. “…therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee” Jeremiah 31:3. This “pull” is one of love and freedom. Jesus is first calling us to Himself. This spiritual influence moves us from grace to grace and connects us to something greater than ourselves.

We see this illustrated in Act 9:11-15 when Saul was humbled and led by the hand. Pride was the domineering force in his life, now grace became the victorious force. Saul was a chosen vessel, “hand-picked in grace” for the will of God.

Grace Action

• Grace draws us to HIS endless life.

• Grace draws us to new beginnings.

• Grace draws us to healing.

• Grace draws us to our new nature.

Enter into this powerful reality and be drawn into fellowship with His greater Grace !

-Pastor Jason Moore

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