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Travels in Europe

Last summer, I had the unique and grand opportunity to visit several European countries. Throughout the trip God revealed Himself to me countless times through many ways.

New Friends

Right after June convention I headed off to Europe. I was at Camp Life Europe in Hungary with young people from 8 different countries  It seemed like we were closer to the new friends we made there than to some people we had known for 10-15 years. During the week we witnessed amazing worship, anointed messages, and the touching of the Holy Spirit. It was fellowship in the fullness of the Body of Christ.



One thing that greatly touched me was the incredible testimonies. On our last night at camp, we heard personal stories of so many people. I learned that you never know what is in someone’s heart until they share it. I realized that a mission trip doesn’t have to be you and a huge group building houses in Mexico, or feeding the hungry at a soup kitchen in China. A mission trip is any time the Body goes out and ministers to others. That moment touched me so much and inspired me to really get close to the people in the places I visit. 

More Friends

Following the camp, 15 teenagers with Pastor Love flew to Helsinki, Finland, to fellowship with the church and attend some classes at HIBI (Helsinki International Bible Institute). There again we experienced incredible fellowship. It was amazing that we could immediately begin building friendships with people we had never met before.

More Blessed

KilgrillAfter five days, Pastor Love and his group left for the States and I headed to the Finnish Summer Days Conference at Kiljava for the weekend. The conference was incredible! We listened to messages, ate meals, and fellowshipped together. One of my favorite memories from Kiljava was when we took a bus to a nearby town to do evangelism, and the youth band “BigBless” did an outdoor concert there.



We were back in Helsinki for a day before flying to Stockholm, Sweden to visit with Pastor Toll and church. We spent the first day fellowshipping and touring around sights from the beginning of the church. Later that evening we had a young adults meeting at a church family’s home. Again, I had fellowship with people I never knew but we had this amazing connection in being one in the Body.


On the way home

After three days in Stockholm, I took a coach bus to the airport and flew to Warsaw, Poland where I spent the day with a friend before flying home the next day.

Always there

Throughout this trip God revealed Himself to me so much! It was a long and tiring trip, full of ups and downs, but I truly noticed that God is always there for me no matter what, and showed me that again and again! The most amazing thing God did for me leading up to this trip was raising all of the money I needed and more. He has shown me time and time again the power of prayer.


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One last thing I’d like to say is to encourage you to go on a mission trip or Eurocon. Traveling has really opened my eyes to how others live and shown me how to find God everywhere. I have seen this in so many other young people as well. I truly believe that God uses these trips to transform our lives by personally revealing Himself to us.


I say this to people all the time: If you want to go on a trip, just go! God is SO faithful to raise the money for your trip. I’ve seen it time and time again!
Ryan Green, MBCS Student


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