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We have returned to Cambodia after an action packed month in India. Now in Cambodia we just met with 4 of our key people here and taught them the story of Joseph as we caught up on their lives. We also plan to follow up our disciples in Vietnam in April.

Our friends in India kept us busy 16 hours a day in February. I got to teach and preach in all the churches and orphan homes we helped to start in our 10 years there.

We were in Mumbai for 14 days, and then 16 days in Orissa. I taught the Wisdom books to the village pastor trainees. Bethany taught a ladies seminar both in Orissa and in Mumbai. We had a 13 baptized in Mumbai, and 18 in Orissa.

I took Bethany on a romantic date along the ocean beaches of India for Valentines Day in the middle of it all.

in Orissa, India helping one of our former Bible students, Pastor Bramanta (in red shirt), with his wife Premi (means lovely) in a green sari. We did a conference in a village to help him plant his 3rd church.
The Grace Family orphans in Orissa. Pastor Pradeep and the church are raising them up so well in the Lord. from left to right: front row: Mamata, Sharon, Rani, Shikhaina, Kundoon back row: Bhojo, Monica, Lauren, Bethany, Pastor Doug, Debo (orphan boy and growing in love and leadership) in the middle: Tikki, Priyanka, Shalom, Gita, Jabez, Papoon, Sidanto, Samuel
Greater Grace team Nalasopara, Mumbai: Pastor Ganesh in the front, to his right: his assistant, Manish, a 4 year Bible college graduate; Raju on the very left , a 2nd year of Bible college student Raju
Bethany with the lady leaders of Nalasopara Greater Grace church team: Sindhu in the middle holding Angel’s arm; Suchitra with black scarf, Priyanka holding her baby boy Anugraha (meaning grace), Shikhaina to the right of Bethany.
Mumbai church picnic, baptizing Radayshyam…hallelujah!
Mumbai pot-luck picnic – a lot of yummy food and fellowship
Sohanty, her son Kunal, 12, are two of the most precious believers in Nalasopara church. Kunal wants to be a pastor. We spent a special day with Kunal to invest in him. His father is a drunkard and left home recently.
Bethany and Lauren taught ladies seminar for the Orissa churches. Lauren is from Heartland Baptist in Harrisonville MO, sent by Pastor Brian Hedges and team to serve in Orissa for 6 months.
Bible college students found Umesh wandering around, brought him to church and he was transformed by joy in Christ. I baptized him this precious believer in the Orissa church
Pastor Pradeep baptizing Amir in a new baptismal tank on the top level of the church building


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    Pastor Ben Tawiah says:

    Thanks to God for the Grace Work going on through His Precious Servants.

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      P. Douglas says:

      yes it was an honor to see Jesus name lifted up in India and so many believe, precious spiritual family

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    P. Douglas says:

    yes what a honor to see Jesus name lifted up in India……….

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