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Solid Faith

Life Changing Truth

I thank God for giving me the chance to be in Greater Grace Bible School, to sit and receive pure Bible knowledge from the men of God. It’s a wonderful experience, having to share the most  important and life changing Bible teachings. This impartation of pure, divine Bible knowledge brings to a heart like mine that craves for a complete and uncompromised truth a solid faith foundation.

Being exposed to teachings by Carl Stevens in Applied Bible Doctrine, one would not ask for more from God, it’s like drinking the waters of life the Lord Jesus spoke about in Luke.

The experience that I am having in this school is quiet different from other experiences I’ve had in my walk with God from the time I became a child of God. It’s an experience of a profound relationship with God.

God’s grace is laid bare before my eyes in the way that is crystal clear that it will be impossible for me to doubt God’s plan fore me. One other exiting phenomena at Bible school is the team that God has put there to run the school. These are men who are truly called to serve God in the field of teaching the Word of God. They not only teach well but also live exemplary lives worth learning from.  

I thank God again for the opportunity to be in this Bible school. I am sure before the end of this course there will be more things to have and experience. My prayer to God is that I may have His grace to finish the degree program. – Julius Nkamba, student at Greater Grace Bible School in Livingstone, Zambia                                                    


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