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Beautiful Things

Stepping in

My first six months back in Izmir have been filled with many beautiful things. I got settled in and began stepping into all the new opportunities God has been presenting us with.


Just like in Baltimore, I have been helping Charles lead worship. The only difference is that now I’m singing in Turkish! After a month, I started studying the language again via private lessons as opposed to school. I really love my teacher, Esra. We are the same age and have formed a sweet relationship over the past 5 months. We meet three times every week and spend 1.5-2 hours together each lesson. Please pray with me for her salvation. I believe God is working in her heart. – I find myself saying those words about many people I meet and spend time with here.


Many new things have transpired in my life. I continually find myself in situations that have God’s favor written all over them. I have taken on some photography jobs and even an English teaching job at a language school on Saturdays. All of these opportunities landed on me with no effort of my own, and each one has connected me with precious Turkish people that I ask all of you to lift up in prayer. It is obvious that God is at work in the hearts of people here and I am thrilled to participate.

Lifted Up

We now have a meeting space for our  Sunday gathering, weekly Bible study, movie nights, and more. We are so humbled and excited to see that God continually opens up doors for us to minister and serve His people here. Pray that God will give us creativity and freedom in all the ways we can use this space. We want Him to be lifted up and for all people to be drawn unto Him.


Far more has happened than I could fit into this letter. I wish I could share all the moments, names, and faces that have been impressed on my heart since stepping into this adventure, but I fear it would be like showing you a cellphone picture of the moon; I just couldn’t do it justice. I would rather encourage you in saying that when we trust God to order our steps, we find that no matter where we step, our feet will have a place to land, our head a place to lie, and maybe most importantly, a darkness for our light to shine into. It might be in a desert, and it might be on someone else’s couch, but it will not matter, for He is with us.


We have a lot to look forward to as spring is here. We rejoice that our Turkish friends continue to show up with a desire to learn and grow in their faith together. Please pray for our friendships to deepen and for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we move forward. Personally, at this point, all I can say is that I have a desire to be here for as longs as God’s provision allows.

Ways you can pray

  • Please pray that I will keep the most important things first: My personal time with God. And having an attitude of availability. Without these two things, I have found that all I do becomes burdensome.
  • Grace, perseverance, and capacity for learning Turkish. Studying and using the language every day has become one the greatest joys in my life. Even so, it is incredibly challenging and often comes with unavoidable moments and days of frustration.
  • Wisdom in how to spend my time. I see the small jobs I’ve accepted as a form of ministry, but am still seeking balance between that and time spent with my contacts, church, etc.  
  • Finances. God is faithful, and God’s people amaze me, time and time again. Believe God with me for His continued provision. Please consider if He is moving you to become a financial supporter

Brittany H.

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