A Month in Uganda

Ask Again

In Psalm 116 David asks, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all He has given?” He pauses and says, “I will take…” In my life I say, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His answers?” After thinking about it I say, “I know. I’ll ask again!”

I really wanted to spend a month with the church, especially the children in Uganda this past summer. I had never been there before and didn’t know anyone, except to say hello to Pastor Sam Muhima when he would come here for Convention. No team was going. I had no particular plan for living arrangements or what I would actually do there. Would the Ugandan church even want me? Would I be needed? Would I have any practical function at all? I only knew that I had a vision to go. I also had a vision of what it might be like when I shared my idea with our Missions Director Pastor Scibelli: “Uhh…we’ll call you if anything opens up.”

Tripping Over

Have you ever had a burden on your heart for something that you had absolutely no prowess to achieve on your own? Have you ever been assailed by reasons to give up, like bullies pummeling you on the playground? You try to walk with God in prayer, but you keep tripping over the same questions: “Who in the world do you think you are? With all the problems and suffering going on, who cares about your piddly vision? Don’t you think it’s just a little arrogant to expect God to answer this?” Sometimes prayer is like a snowball fight. You retreat a little, but it’s only to get more ammo. Sooner or later the enemy has to go home for dinner and you can relax.

Flight of an Eagle

When I finally did communicate with Pastor Scibelli, he said, “Be quiet and wait. We’ll talk again when I return from Africa.” Waiting on God in prayer is an adventure in itself, like rafting down the Youghiogheny River. Expectation mounts. Excitement swells. Hope ebbs and floods back in again. I can see why it is compared to the flight of an eagle in Isaiah chapter 40.


When I was finally called into Pastor Scibelli’s office, Pastor Sam was on the phone. Right before my very eyes it all came together: A covering. A purpose. A place. The whole ball started rolling and I was on it! You better believe I felt like Psalm 126:1, “…we were like those who dreamed, it seemed so unreal…”

Answer and the Path

Sometimes God answers in a moment. A bill gets paid. A job is found. Pain stops. Other times He unfurls a verse for you to walk on, like your own private Yellow Brick Road. For me it was Isaiah 45:8 in the Amplified: “Let fall in showers you heavens from above and let the skies rain down…the pure, spiritual, Heaven born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God…” Thankful for His answer and the path He placed before me, I walked forward, not knowing what to expect.

The Pearl of Great Price

Uganda is called The Pearl of Africa. Well, the Body of Christ there is the Pearl of Great Price. A lot has gone into the building of the churches there. I lift my glass to everyone who was and is a part of that blessed work. We have fabulous brothers and sisters in Uganda! Words fall short to convey the level of graciousness they extended to a woman who just wanted to be with them. Day school teachers, unsurpassed in their dedication to those children, invited me into their lives and into their classrooms to teach and share ideas.

The Muhimas invited me to be a part of their household and I fell in love with everybody there. The women planned their two week discipleship class and chose me to be their regular evening teacher. I could go on and on about the children at Pastor Sam’s church and Pastor Daniel’s orphanage. What a gift! What a complete gift they all are! Could there possibly have been any icing on this cake? Yes, it was a weekend in Kenya for a conference and graduation at Pastor Joseph’s outstanding church.

All I can say is, “Thank You, Father, for my month in Uganda. It meant so much to me. I can’t wait to be sitting around the table with You in Heaven. I will lift my glass to You and say, ‘To Him Who did exceedingly abundantly above all that was asked!’”

What does God have in store for the future? Heaven born possibilities.     –  by Cheryl Bogardus



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