The Field of Cambodia

Twenty-four provinces make up Cambodia’s population of about 16.5 million people. Buddhism is the dominant religion. Of the forty-three people groups, thirty-one are unreached. Cambodia borders with Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. There is a lot of free movement of people among these countries. 


God gives us value, eternal value. People do not know this awesome Person – God. That is what led GGWO to begin visiting Cambodia in the 1990’s. Through prayer and by Gods’ grace, we moved here in June 2019. God brought a team together from Thailand, America, and Singapore. Body life started! Services started! Prayer started! Evangelism started… and a CHURCH STARTED!

The Finished Work of Jesus Christ, the empty tomb that followed the cross, death being overwhelmed and defeated by life are messages that have not entered the minds or hearts of people here.

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest

So, what do we want to pray? That the Lord of the harvest continues to give us a harvest, that this nation sees the truth and becomes saved. We desire to disciple new believers in grace and truth. Lord willing, we intend to open a powerful Bible school that will make fishermen, businessmen, carpenters, drug addicts into awesome men and women of God who can rightly divide the Word. We are trusting God for many churches to be planted in Cambodia and the neighboring countries. 

We are thankful for every prayer that goes up for us. It is an honor to walk with you in this great journey of the Great Commission. Yahweh is the water for the thirsty and the bread for the hungry. Christ is coming soon, and the fields are ready to be harvested! – Pastor Ryan Raina



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    Don Tree says:

    Very encouraging to read about the ministry there. I support missions through Baltimore and am very uplifted to see the work going on. My prayers are with you folks and the wonderful work that you are involved in. DON

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    Ryan says:

    Thank you Don !!! We need and appreciate your prayers.

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      Benjamin says:

      Wonderful to hear about the mission in Cambodia. I am interested in about the work you are there and I would like to hear a bit more if it’s possible.
      I will continue to pray for your ministry and the local people over there.
      So if it’s possible please be in contact with me, I would like to hear more.

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        Ryan says:

        Hi !
        Thank you for your interest. With all the restrictions that exist here, God is moving and doing His work. People are struggling and the answer is in the gospel and we have the gospel.

        We were 3 people when we started in June of 2019; my wife (Jar), me and Luke. God has slowly added and we are amazed at how God brings people together and disciples them. The work is far from over. We have a core group of 7 that are taking discipleship seriously and others who are in and out of fellowship. We are asking for to bring at least one person from each province in Cambodia to be with us in the capital; Phnom Penh. There are 24 provinces.

        Here is a video we made in December 2020 to give you and idea of what has been happening here.

        Also, here is an update I send out in June:
        If you send me you email address I can keep you posted on any news that is sent out.

        God bless you!!!

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    Benjamin Mikkonen says:

    Wonderful to hear about the work of God in Cambodia. God bless you all and I keep you guys and the local people in prayer. I would love to hear more about the ministry over there so Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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      Ryan says:

      Hi! Hope you received my email.
      God is good!!!

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