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Standing Up for God

It’s Time

There is an epic pandemic these days, but we’re not talking about the virus. It’s not that we lack the vaccine… rather, it’s the lack of virtue that is most concerning to the people of God. But in the middle of all the noise, many of God’s servants are standing up. This is the theme of LamCon 2020 – Standing Up for God. When all the world is singing the same tune, we can be sure that the choirmaster is the one who deceives the nations. When they tell us to sit down, we know it’s time to stand up taller than ever. Our hearts go out to all the world, and it’s time for our bodies to go with them. 

Join Us

LamCon is GGWO’s Latin America Missions Conference, which is happening in Lima, Peru, from December 2 to 8, 2020. Pastor Steven Scibelli will be leading us. If there’s a man of God alive today who knows about standing up when the doctors say lie down, it’s him. So, please join us for this time of standing up. We will have a chair for you to ignore, if you like.  – Pastor Stan Collins, Argentina


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