After Maria in Puerto Rico

Our family was prepared for Hurricane Irma, but minimally affected, so life went on as we scheduled some of us to head to St. Thomas for a relief trip as Julian planned to head to Haiti.  Maria changed our plans.  For months. These photos are just from our home in...

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Miracles in Your Family

Accept I went to the Sight and Sound theater with my family for the first time. It was awesome. We went to see “The Miracle of Christmas”.  There was one thing that struck me as never before. We always hear of how hard it was for Joseph and his family...

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She Loves Church “Bye!” said Agnes as she practically jumped out of my arms to go to nursery at church yesterday.  She waved her cute tiny hand with total confidence and pleasure, her body language saying “see ya Mama, I’m good”…and part of me wanted to bawl my head off right...

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Seoul, South Korea

Before We Call, God Answers

These two people are an answer to prayers I never got a chance to pray myself, because of Isaiah 64:24 which says, “It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear” (NASB).  Do you ever have experiences in...

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Cultivate Positivity

Filling In GGIS normally has a chaplain but since our last one moved we haven’t had anyone to fill that role. I decided (secretly I would love to be the chaplain) that I would take on the job of speaking to every student in the high school. So far I...

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Can’t Fix It Have you ever been angry? Like really angry? You feel your blood pressure rise, your head starts pounding, your scalp starts to burn. It happens to everyone once in a while. It happened to me this past month. I was mad about a situation that I had...

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Travels in Europe Last summer, I had the unique and grand opportunity to visit several European countries. Throughout the trip God revealed Himself to me countless times through many ways. New Friends Right after June convention I headed off to Europe. I was at Camp Life Europe in Hungary with...

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Mama – Hunter – Gatherer

Girl from Maine I’m a Maine girl.  Even though it has literally been decades since I have lived there, I still answer with Maine when asked where I’m from in the States.  Growing up my dad always hunted, and when I was really little, he ran a trap line and...

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Gravity of Grace

The Pull Down The law of gravity tells us that what goes up must come down. NASA defines gravity as a force in which objects are drawn towards it center. Depending on it mass index the closer objects are to each other, the stronger their gravitational pull is.   Pull...

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