Grace Feast

Grace Increase Grace greetings from Nansana, Uganda! We thank God for His abundant grace; in 2 Corinthians 4:15 that grace which increases in us, overflows in and through us in the midst of afflictions. Because grace is increasing in us, we faint not; we never give up in the midst...

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Divinely Bigger

World Cannot Provide We have now been in Japan for nearly one year and have gained some perspective of the Japanese lifestyle. There are so many great things to be learned, especially in terms of etiquette, respect for others, and work ethic.  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people here and share a part of...

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Summer Love

Summer Heat Summer has arrived in Seoul, Korea and I am uncomfortable. It is not Korea that causes my discomfort, but the hot weather. Within moments of stepping outside, my body’s cooling system engages and beads of perspiration dot my brow. Summer is the time for tasty, cool foods like...

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News from Obaid

Church Planting While in India we planted five Afghani churches there. Now in Canada, our vision is to plant Afghani churches in the Greater Toronto area. We started a home church with six members and by God’s grace we are 10 members now. We also started an English home church in Mississauga area with...

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For They Shall Be Comforted

  Hospital Rounds Three different hospitals in one week, three different reasons to be in each one. April has been an eventful month, and it isn’t over yet. Wednesday I was at the weekly Paik Hospital English Bible Study class examining the internal evidence for the validity of the Bible. Thursday...

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Searching for Truth

What is Truth? This is a question that Pilate asked Jesus and which has subsequently been asked throughout all of history since. In the Bible class last week we asked this question. I think young people are struggling with this question more than ever before because truth is being attacked...

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Divine Perspective

God’s Mission Field We are the Lord’s, the Work is the Lord’s, and the results are the Lord’s. Divine perspective helps us stay objective in times of uncertainty.  Divine perspective is an eternal viewpoint that is governed by eternal values. We are God’s mission field; He is planting an eternal...

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