“M” in Missions

God Loves God loves people more than anything. His love moves us to reach out and gather all to His table of grace. Whosoever will may come! Jesus had a mission wherever He went, to glorify His Father and to make known the glorious gospel. Momentum Missions is a powerful...

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Washed Up for the New Year

Bathhouse Tradition Today is the last day of January, and I am enjoying the Lunar New  Year break from Bible college by catching up on some reading and doing some Bible college class preparation today. And, oh yeah, I went into town to take a bath. About every two weeks...

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Four Churches, One Building

The Project Recently, I was asked if I could design a wall covering for the Chapel at GGIS. One of my hobbies is woodworking and I do a lot of stuff with pallets in the US so the idea was to make a pallet wall behind the stage. I asked...

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A Growing Church in Senta, Serbia

Devoted Believers Our hearts’ desire is that the Great Commission of Christ would saturate our lives and ministry. We are ministering in Senta and in the nearby villages of Ada, Csóka, Kanizsa. The church in Senta is growing. We organize events in Senta and go on mission trips and conferences. Believers are devoted...

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Tool in His Hands We had a blessed time in the church. I spoke about “The Servant.” The believer is called to serve. When he learns to serve, then he is ready to lead. A servant-leader is a valuable tool in the hands of God. Jesus Christ was the greatest Servant...

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Winter Frost At the time of this writing, all the first frosts have turned all the leaves that were once green, gold, scarlet, and orange to brown, and the wind and rains have left the branches of the trees bare for the winter. Out of necessity, I had to figure...

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Grace Draws Near

Concrete Jungle Claustrophobic  streets, tall buildings, chaotic noises from all directions, the concrete jungle is a cold place. Cars juxtaposition for coveted parking spots, statues stand proclaiming yesteryear. Cultural art claims the center square, the concrete jungle is full of lights, merchants and life. The homeless roam, violence brews and...

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Evangelism and Visitation

Two Pillars Two major pillars in church planting are visitation and evangelism. While they are effective in receiving and retaining new visitors, they are met with intense opposition from our own self life and the other kingdom. Do you go to church? On Saturdays we take half of our Bible...

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Good News from Argentina

Thank you for your prayers and support and encouraging believers to consider church-planting work in Rosario, Argentina. Visits along with conferences have been extremely beneficial to the Body here, as well as to our evangelistic and preaching and teaching efforts. Our team member Teodor from Budapest is a great help...

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