Something New

Blessed Our time in Romania and Serbia was an incredibly blessed season. For my first month, I was  working at a Christian camp as one of the summer team staff in the kitchen. On Sundays and Wednesdays I would attend church service in Brasov and I was even able to...

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Beyond All Price

Land of the Long White Cloud We left Baltimore, MD, on Friday, August 12th, and returned Tuesday, August 30th. This trip was one for the books. Through the love, prayers and support of the Body we were honored to take a team of 9 people and bring the fire of forgiveness...

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Find the Fantastic in the Balkans

Look Around What is more magical: a beanstalk that reaches to the clouds or a stalk that produces beans? An enchanted apple that puts the princess to sleep or a magical tree that grows fruit without any enchantment at all? In G.K. Chesterton’s masterpiece orthodoxy, he calls this “Elfland”. A...

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My New Z Friend

Meet my new friend Okeroa, he’s named after his grandfather, he just received Christ in the town of Waganui [New Zealand], he is a awesome guy, please pray for him, I KNOW God has big plans for him.. What a honor to meet him!

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A Day in Cambodia

In Cambodia today we were overwhelmed by divine appointments meeting people God has been working through. Got to share the gospel with a lost man and pray for his family. The atmosphere here is so obviously open, humble and friendly. We met a lost Indian man at the airport that...

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Summer Harvest – Emerald Isle

What an honor it was to go to Ireland/N. Ireland on Summer Harvest. Our team had great unity, great opportunities and great fruit in soulwinning. I was on the first part of the team going to 4 countries. We visited Valmai Gee in Dublin and spend time with the precious...

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Cambodia update

Pray for us Two days into Cambodia and we already have met amazing disciples that are currently on course in Bible college and feeding on God’s Word. We will be going forward with outreach today on the college campus and this weekend will be ministering to potentially 5 villages. Praise...

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