How to Make the Impossible Possible

Looking for LunchIn the account of 1 Kings 17:8-16, Elijah was fresh out of water because the brook he was drinking from dried up  because he pronounced a 3 ½ year drought on Israel. “And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord God of Israel...

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Limassol: One City, The Whole World

Greetings from Limassol, Cyprus,Recently at one of the numerous festivals on the beachfront we saw this notice:” Limassol, One city, the whole world!” By Gods amazing grace Limassol could be that city here in such a strategic place to reach out to the whole of Cyprus and the surrounding nations....

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Odisha, India Outreach

By God's amazing, unfailing grace, our ministry in Christ is going well. Last August, we did outreaches, went on evangelism trips, and showed Jesus movie in different parts of Odisha. They were really fruitful as many perishing souls came to the Lord, to eternal life in God's kingdom.I'd like to share about a mission trip to...

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Seeking Truth

Institut Theologique du Soir – an elegant, almost regal title to the ear when heard in French. Yet, when translated, the phrase reveals its decidedly simple meaning – Theology Institute in the Evening.Night School for Truth Seekers is what it is.  And, this is exactly what Pastor Michel Texier and...

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WaysonSinatraFinal-how to become rich

How to Become Rich

How to Become Rich How to become rich you ask, easy, “Owe no man anything.” I think this describes Wyson Sinatra very well. In a time when some Americans are dreaming of living off the grid, Wyson is living the dream. Location, location, location He, his wife, and two children...

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colors of missions - post

The Colors of Missions

A world of many colors: the colors of missions, this is what Matti Sirvio has always seen – with his eyes and with his heart. Such vision expresses itself in his work as a pastor and as a painter. Bright splashes cover the canvases Matti has addressed with his brush....

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