California – Harvest ’22


Event details

  • Sunday | May 29, 2022 to Monday | June 6, 2022
  • All Day
  • +1 954 804 6490

Mission trip led by Pastor Renaldo Brown.

Contact person: Jesse Feyers

Go West! Our heart and prayers are to see the gospel spread in the west of our great country. We want to see Bible college students, churches and lives changed as we launch out to spread the gospel. We want to go and spy the land of California and take the first steps towards moving to San Diego, California. Won’t you take the challenge and join this adventure of faith?

When is the trip?
Departure from Baltimore on May 31st, return on June 8th.

What will be done on the trip?
Daily evangelism, devotionals, and raps. as well as church services and group lunches and dinners.

How much will the trip cost?
$1,400 which will include your flight, lodging, and transportation, misc. associated  while there.

Will we be meeting to discuss the trip?
Sunday night on April 10th after service at GGWO in classroom #1

Beach outreach
During the trip there will be an outreach at the beach. Our policy to participate in the outreach: No 2-piece bikinis allowed (strictly one piece bathing suits for the ladies), no speedo shorts allowed (strictly board shorts swimming trunks for the men). Violation of this policy, will have you taken back to the hotel and / or sent home.

Do I need any tests or shots?
At this time there is no need to get a test before flying. We will track this as we get closer to the trip.

Who is Leading This Trip?

  1. Renaldo Brown
    Having been a missionary to Africa for more than 20 years he is a veteran of trips like this and will provide an incredible spiritual covering as well as a constant positive attitude.
    2. Manny Harrison

How do I pay for the trip?
The payment is broken up into several payments starting in March and ending in July, due as follows:

March 27 $300
April 15th $400
April 25 $400
May 15 $400
Total Cost $1,500

What is the weather in San Diego going to be like? The weather will be from 55℉ to 75℉