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    From Budapest to Baltimore

    God has moved This is my final newsletter as a missionary and a teacher in Hungary. I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years! I remember being sent out on a Wednesday night along with Nick Groenewold. I said I was only going to be in Hungary for 6 months…...

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    For a Moment

    God Has Placed Us Have you ever felt like God has put you somewhere for an exact time, maybe even an exact moment? Some might call this serendipitous or a coincidence, but I have to believe it’s the hand of God. Looking ahead to the month of April, I was...

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    Malawicon 2019

    Conference Collaboration  As with anything, the more one does something; the more one improves. This was our 2nd year holding the regional conference in Malawi and we definitely improved in a number of areas. We had asked for the event to be bathed in prayer, and they were felt behind...

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    Beautiful Things

    Stepping in My first six months back in Izmir have been filled with many beautiful things. I got settled in and began stepping into all the new opportunities God has been presenting us with. Turkish  Just like in Baltimore, I have been helping Charles lead worship. The only difference is...

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    Africa Mission

    Where we are and where we are going? Abraham had fellowship with the invisible God. He went out, not knowing where he was going, Hebrews 11:8. In verse 15, he was not mindful of the country from which he came out. Currently, we are operating in 23 countries with 271...

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    The Gospel Light in Europe

    Colorful History If Israel is the cradle of Christianity, then Europe is the place where the baby takes its first steps and grows into a fully developed man. Europe is full of colorful church history and Christian culture. Hundreds of years ago, Wesley was broken by the visitation of God...