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    For a Moment

    God Has Placed Us Have you ever felt like God has put you somewhere for an exact time, maybe even an exact moment? Some might call this serendipitous or a coincidence, but I have to believe it’s the hand of God. Looking ahead to the month of April, I was...

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    Malawicon 2019

    Conference Collaboration  As with anything, the more one does something; the more one improves. This was our 2nd year holding the regional conference in Malawi and we definitely improved in a number of areas. We had asked for the event to be bathed in prayer, and they were felt behind...

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    Beautiful Things

    Stepping in My first six months back in Izmir have been filled with many beautiful things. I got settled in and began stepping into all the new opportunities God has been presenting us with. Turkish  Just like in Baltimore, I have been helping Charles lead worship. The only difference is...

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    Africa Mission

    Where we are and where we are going? Abraham had fellowship with the invisible God. He went out, not knowing where he was going, Hebrews 11:8. In verse 15, he was not mindful of the country from which he came out. Currently, we are operating in 23 countries with 271...

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    The Gospel Light in Europe

    Colorful History If Israel is the cradle of Christianity, then Europe is the place where the baby takes its first steps and grows into a fully developed man. Europe is full of colorful church history and Christian culture. Hundreds of years ago, Wesley was broken by the visitation of God...

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    Come Rain or Come Shine, We Go

    Rain The Palm Sunday began with rain. Everyone came to church carrying an umbrella. The two umbrella stands filled quickly and the lobby had a rainwater puddle. It seemed as though our plans for evangelism would be ruined by rain. We had been planning for weeks to do evangelism in...

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    Patience and Prayer

    Eurocon My dad came to visit for Eurocon in March and we had a wonderful time together. It’s funny to think that when I move back, it will be the first time we have lived in the same location (Maryland) as adults.  Learning Patience At times I grow impatient with...

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