Going Into All the World!


A short term trip is great way to consider the possibility of a longer term missionary adventure. The first step in the consideration is hearing from God about when, where and if.


There are many ways to connect and engage as you consider traveling to a foreign field. For example, reaching out through various media platforms, seeking God, as well as other means of interaction with your selected places of interest.

street in Hanoi Vietnam


Recognize the opportunity to catch a vision from God for a chosen field, as well as being an inspiration to those whom you serve on the field.


Short Term

A short term trip is a visit shorter than 3 months. This could be a summer or winter harvest trip, attending a conference in a foreign country or volunteering on a project with one of our local churches.


Long Term

A Long term trip is a visit longer than 3 months. This type of travel would require more planning. Several factors such as location, timing, and finances would be important in approving a long term trip. 


Maryland Bible College & Seminary offers a unique preparation for long term missions. Let’s be thoroughly furnished and trained in the Word of God for the ministry of the gospel.