Adopted to His Family




Tim and Myriah’s adoption is official!  She is the cutest and happiest baby I have ever met. She laughs and claps all the time! (when I’m around). Tim and Myriah told me that according to Hungarian law, on her birth certificate they are listed as the birth parents and blood relatives. How interesting! Isn’t that just like us as Christians? We are adopted as children of God and we are the blood relatives of Christ. What an amazing thought! The love this little girl receives is so incredible. The love we receive is so incredible. I’m amazed to witness this answer to prayer.

Remember the Answer

I think often times we don’t necessarily think about answers to prayer. Last Saturday, I played soccer for the first time in about two years. I was sore for the next four days, but by the fifth day I had completely forgotten I was sore. This can be like us in prayer. I can pray for something so much and desire something so much, but when that prayer is answered, do I still remember what God has done for me? I hope that I will always remember the prayers that I prayed for the Sochurek family and their adoption so that I always remember the answer that God provided.


I have recently been feeling rather nostalgic and thinking a lot about my time in Bible college and when I first moved here. I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I have a whole new set of friendships and relationships with people I had never known before. I have a new-found love teenagers that I never thought would happen.


God has opened such great doors for me here, and it’s not because of anything I did. I remember kneeling by my bed in my apartment in Essex, Maryland in the summer of 2011 and praying for God to show me His will for my life. When I look back and think about the answers to prayer that He has provided me since then, I am overwhelmed, just like when I think of His more recent answers to my prayers.

I haven’t really told you anything that happened in the past month, but I think that’s okay. I did go ice-skating with the Korean youth group.   – Jon Cook