Raindrops Keep Falling on Our Heads


 When It Rains, It Pours

The local farmers have been happy the past few days, because we’ve been getting some rain. Last year was dryer than usual, so the precipitation is especially welcome, and it also helps cleanse the atmosphere of the yellow dust that blows over from China in the springtime. The old saying, “When it rains, it pours,” has proven true in the realm of ministry.

Cloudburst on Campus

When Pastor DeVries returned to Korea, we went together to be with Peter and three students he had invited for lunch – an American, a German, and a Korean who was the only believer among the three. We had an interesting conversation with these young men, gently challenging them to think about spiritual reality. Peter himself has many Bible questions, so we hope this will be an ongoing relationship.

Showers in the Guesthouse

The evening before this, Pastor DeVries and I stayed at a guesthouse in Seoul. I had chosen this particular guesthouse because the host’s Airbnb profile said he enjoyed talking to new people. Well, Pastor DeVries enjoys talking to people too, and it was our 29-year-old Korean host, Ernie, who opened the door to the gospel when he asked, “So, what do you guys do here in Korea?” As Pastor DeVries answered and got Ernie thinking about God, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence in the room. Ernie had a Revelation 3:20 divine appointment that night.


Rainfall in the Restaurant

The next day, a Korean brother took Pastor DeVries and I to dinner at a restaurant named Cook and Meal in Nowon nearby our church, but far from our home. We wondered why he was taking us so far for a meal. God had another person for us to meet that night…

This person was Sangmyeong, a woman who used to attend our church. She had been praying in her home that Pastor DeVries would somehow come and bless her new tutoring center. Samyeong had no idea that Pastor DeVries was here in Korea; she had simply prayed by faith. We met her daughter in the restaurant and she brought us to see her mother. Samyeong broke down and cried when she realized God had heard and answered her prayer. She kept saying, “Is this a dream?” The next day, Pastor DeVries and I helped her move into her new center.

“I will send down showers in their season; they will be showers of blessing” (Ezekiel 34:26).

God has blessed in our ministries, in our church services, and in our Bible college where I have been teaching a biblical Greek class this semester. Have I ever studied Greek? No. But why let that stop me? I told the students that we would learn together by faith. Even one of the homeschool teenagers in our church is taking the class along with his mother.  We are having some blessed fun each class.  Heavenly raindrops keep falling on our heads here in Korea!  –Dan Dunbar