Tears of Joy


We quietly entered the building under the cover of night. The concrete building had that familiar musty smell. We got into the elevator and went to the eighth floor. As I entered the apartment I glanced around the room, many faces met my eyes, brothers and sisters with fervent hearts with one purpose – to hear the Word. We were packed into this small apartment, air was warm and stifling and most sat on the floor. The fellowship was full of joy and thanksgiving. Many had worked all day and were physically tired but the anointing quickened. The music began hushed, and the eyes closed and hands rose, God was moving heart to heart and strength was being administered. The sound was angelic as hearts reached for God in worship. Then silence and prayer began, thankfulness and faith were dripping from their lips, with tears of joy – the Father was there.

As the Bible was opened focus was heightened and pens scribbled with the eternal word that touched their hearts. Time seemed to stand still as heaven came down; four hours seemed to be minutes….My heart was touched to see the lives of these Chinese believers. This was an illegal meeting as far as their government goes, but to them it was not an option to miss it. As we filed out quietly, the smiles and burning hearts were refining my heart. The Spirit seemed to say “The fire burns till the gold reflects the face of the Refiner, vessels fit for the Master’s use”. As they passed by I prayed, Lord, please hide each one in my heart and cause me to remember the price of the Gospel.

Pastor Jason Moore