For a Moment

God Has Placed Us Have you ever felt like God has put you somewhere for an exact time, maybe even an exact moment? Some might call this serendipitous or a coincidence, but I have to believe it’s the hand of God. Looking ahead to the month of April, I was...

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Worries I always feel a little funny when I write these newsletters because my life mainly revolves around school and education, but this is a missionary blog. I struggle with the idea that while I am a teacher, I am actually a missionary. I mean, I know it. Every day...

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dan dunbar

Everyday Miracles on the Mission Field

Everyday Miracles on the Mission Field One of the everyday miracles on the mission field started January in China with a room filled with Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ, all of us wishing each other a Happy New Year. I had had the opportunity to sing the song The...

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