God’s Moves

Moving-In Day The first major event of July was the BIG MOVE. Our Grace Mission Church signed the papers on the Missions Center, a.k.a. the new apartment where I will be living along with Pastor DeVries, Pastor Sejun, Tain Palanun, and any other men (or married couples) who are in...

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Youth Summer Harvest to Romania

Miracle This summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel with Pastor Love and the youth group to Romania. It was a miracle that I got to go because I had no money and no way to get it, but through lots of prayer and donations, God provided what I needed. As...

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Diamond in Heidelberg

Treated like Royalty God wants to edify His children, and He uses His people to do that.  This is just what He did in Heidelberg this summer.  Some of us on the Summer Harvest trip led by Pastor Gary Groenewold went to Heidelberg, Germany, the home town of two of...

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In Germany

Lively Stones Pastor Gary Groenewold’s 10 plus years of investment in Berlin continues on, now led by Pastor Stephen Stein.  Please pray for this small, yet great church of beautiful believers.  Each one is special and is so precious.  Though the actual church premises is very nice with its tasteful,...

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A Converted Mullah

Expectation As the tires touched the tarmac at the international Airport in Dushanbe, Tajikistan this summer, I remember that I was consumed with one thought: Would God do it again? I have traveled to Central Asia many times in the past 10 years and have seen God do astonishing things. Each time He...

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Summer well spent

Incredibly blessed Our time in Romania and Serbia was an incredibly blessed season. For my first month, I was  working at a Christian camp as one of the summer team staff in the kitchen. On Sundays and Wednesdays I would attend church service in Brasov and I was even able...

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Chiquita and Serbia

Serbia mission Belgrade move THE MOVE Yes, it really happened. We moved. The banana boxes are the living proof of it. Thank you, Chiquita.   PRIVILEGED FROM DAY ONE We feel so privileged from day one because the very same day we moved to Belgrade also the “Go5” team have...

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